Schimbarea este buna
Change is good

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A:Ei bine, avem un nou presedinte.
Well, we have a new president.
B:Dar avem aceleasi vechi probleme.
But we have the same old problems.
A:Ei bine, a facut cateva schimbari.
Well, he`s made a few changes.
B:Cum ar fi ?
Like what?
A:Cred ca a inchis alea de bowling din Casa Alba.
I think he closed the bowling alley in the White House.
B:Oh,da. O schimba cu un teren de baschetball.
Oh, yeah. He`s changing it to a basketball court.
A:Cine plateste pentru asta ?
Who`s paying for that?
B:Cred ca noi !
I think we are!
A:Ei bine, asta e bine, atata timp cat il ajuta sa se relaxeze si sa gandeasca mai clar.
Well, that`s okay, as long as it helps him relax and think more clearly.
B:Da, avem nevoie de un presedinte relaxat ce gandeste clar.
Yes, we need a relaxed president who thinks clearly.
A:Alti conducatori de state au teren de bachetbal ?
Do any other world leaders have a basketball court?
A:Vor avea. Stii doar ca America e deschizatoare de drumuri.
They will. You know America always leads the way.

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