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Joaca sansa.
Take a chance.
Scoate-o afara.
Take it outside.
Dupa in centru.
Take me downtown.
Du-ma la Hotelul Marriott.
Take me to the Marriott Hotel.
Ia acest medicament.
Take this medicine.
Spune-i ca trebuie sa vorbesc cu el.
Tell him that I need to talk to him.
Tell me.
Multumesc domnisoara.
Thank you miss.
Multumesc domnule
Thank you sir.
Va multumesc frumos.
Thank you very much.
vA Multumesc.
Thank you.
Multumesc pentru tot.
Thanks for everything.
Multumesc pentru ajutor.
Thanks for your help.
Aceasta masina seamana cu a mea.
That car is similar to my car.
Masina de acolo este a mea.
That car over there is mine.
Arata superb.
That looks great.
Arata vechi.
That looks old.
Asta inseamna prietenie.
That means friend.
Acel restaurant nu este scump.
That restaurant is not expensive.
Miroase rau.
That smells bad.
In directia aceea.
That way.
Este o scoala buna.
That`s a good school.
Este in ordine.
That`s alright.
Este destul.
That`s enough.
Este corect.
That`s fair.
Este bine.
That`s fine.
Este cartea ei.
That`s her book.
Asta este.
That`s it.
Nu este indeajuns.
That`s not enough.
Nu este corect.
That`s not fair.
Nu este bine.
That`s not right.
Este corect.
That`s right.
Este prea rau.
That`s too bad.
Asta este prea scumpa.
That`s too expensive.
Este prea tarziu.
That`s too late.
Sunt prea multe.
That`s too many.
Este prea mult.
That`s too much.
Este gresit.
That`s wrong.
Accidentul s-a intamplat in intersectie.
The accident happened at the intersection.
Acela mare sau acela mic?
The big one or the small one?
Cartea este in spatele tablei.
The book is behind the masa.
Cartea este in fata tablei.
The book is in front of the masa.
Cartea este langa masa.
The book is near the table.
Carte este langa tabla.
The book is next to the table.
Cartea este pe masa
The book is on the table.
Cartea este pe suprafata mesei.
The book is on top of the table.
Cartea este sub masa,
The book is under the table.
Cartile sunt prea scumpe.
The books are expensive.
Masina este reparata.
The car is fixed.
Masinile sunt Americane.
The cars are American.
Mancarea a fost delicioasa.
The food was delicious.
Avionul pleaca la 5.30P
The plane departs at 5:30P.
Drumurile sunt alunecoase.
The roads are slippery.
TV este stricat.
The TV is broken.
Intreaga zi.
The whole day.
Sunt multi oameni aici.
There are many people here.
Sunt niste mere in frigider.
There are some apples in the refrigerator.
Sunt niste carti pe masa.
There are some books on the table.
S-a produs un accident de masina.
There has been a car accident.
Este o carte sub masa.
There`s a book under the table.
Este un restaurant in apropiere.
There`s a restaurant near here.
Este un restaurant acolo, dar nu cred ca este foarte bun.
There`s a restaurant over there, but I don`t think it`s very good.
Este timp din plin.
There`s plenty of time.
Aceste carti sunt ale noastre.
These books are ours.
Ei au ajuns ieri.
They arrived yesterday.
Ei taxeaza 26 de dolari pe zi.
They charge 26 dollars per day.
Nu sau intalnit inca cu ea.
They haven`t met her yet.
Vor veni imediat.
They`ll be right back.
Ei planuiesc sa vina anul viitor.
They`re planning to come next year.
Ei sunt la fel.
They`re the same.
Ei sunt foarte ocupati.
They`re very busy.
Ei ne asteapta pe noi.
They`re waiting for us.
Asta nu functioneaza.
This doesn`t work.
Aceasta casa este foarte mare.
This house is very big.
Acesta este dna Smith.
This is Mrs. Smith.
Aceasta este mama mea.
This is my mother.
Asta este prima ora cand am fost aici .
This is the first time I`ve been here.
Asta este foarte dificil.
This is very difficult.
Asta este foarte important.
This is very important.
In camera aceasta este mizerie.
This room is a mess.
Acesti oameni vorbesc engleza.
Those men are speaking English.
Try it on.
Try it.
Incearca sa o spui.
Try to say it.
Turn around.
Intoarce la stanga.
Turn left.
Intoarce la dreapta.
Turn right.